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Born in Dover. Spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Slough. Lived in Manchester area since 1975. Married since 1979. Professional qualifications in general nursing, mental health nursing, nurse education and counselling. MA in Human Rights and Equal Opportunities. PhD in public sector management/social justice. Published widely on mental health issues and to a lesser extent other social science issues. MA background: About 2 years in self defence orientated karate (Steve Powell's choshin kai) in early 80s. Then nothing until I took up Hung Kuen kung fu in 1999. Got interested in mixed martial arts as a spectator and as a researcher from the end of 1999 onwards. Finally began training (one class a week) at Manchester Budo in October 2002 to supplement the Hung Kuen training. Manchester Budo closed December 2002; trained solely in MMA from January 2003 until February 2008

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